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Since 2012, IntoWeapons has been publishing unique and entertaining videos online. With over 400 original videos in the library, it covers a wide variety of topics. Browse over 80 gun reviews available, and find a wealth of knowledge. Some of the most popular include the Mini and Micro Draco, the Russian VEPR, the AMD-65, and numerous other AK-47 variants from around the world.

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Popular Videos

Heizer Defense AK Pocket Pistol

Shooting the Heizer PAK1 AK-47 pistol in 7.62x39. This pocket ak pistol is a single-shot 7.62x39 handgun, and is the smallest gun ever to be chambered in this caliber.

AK-47 Gun Collection

Review and comparison of the AK rifles and pistols in my gun collection. Popular AK variants include the AKM, AKMS-U, AKS, AK-101, AK-103, Saiga-12, and SVD copy, which I show in this video.

AK 9mm Pistol Review

Reviewing the Chiappa PAK-9 AK 9mm Pistol. The PAK-9 is model 500.167 and is available from Chiappa Arms and Charles Daly.

Draco AK Pistols

Comparing the Romanian Cugir full-size Draco AK Pistol, Mini Draco, and Micro Draco in 7.62x39, imported by Century Arms.  Some parts are specific to each draco pistol variant, and some are standard akm pattern parts used on all three pistols.