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Review of the Heizer Defense 7.62x39 PAK1 AK Pistol. This unique pocket pistol is a single-shot 7.62x39 handgun, and is one of the smallest pistols ever made chambered in this popular .30 caliber round, traditionally used in AK-47 rifle's.

Review and comparison of the AK rifles and pistols in my gun collection.  The term “AK-47” is generally used as a reference to this platform, but every AK-style rifle and pistol have specific designations of their own. All of these are variations of the true original milled design of the AK-47 rifle. Popular AK variants include the AKM, AKMS-U, AKS, AK-101, AK-103, Saiga-12, and SVD copy, which I show in this video.

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Overview of the Chiappa PAK 9 AK Pistol chambered in 9mm Luger. The PAK-9 has a model #500.167 from Chiappa Arms and Charles Daly.  The pistols 1.0mm thick stamped receiver was provided by Nova Group out of Cugir, Romania.

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Review and comparison of the Romanian Cugir full size Draco-c AK Pistol, Mini Draco, and Micro Draco in 7.62x39, imported by Century Arms.  Some parts are specific to each draco pistol variant, and some are standard akm pattern parts used on all three pistols.

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Arsenal SLR-107fr AK by IntoWeapons

Arsenal SLR-107fr AK Rifle video review by IntoWeapons on YouTube.