AK-47 Collection Videos

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Review and Comparison of the AK Rifle and Pistol variants in the Gun Collection for 2015.  I use the term “AK-47” generically as a reference to this platform, but technically most are designated AK, AKM, AKMS-U, AKS, AK-101, AK-103, Saiga-12, and SVD copy.

True AK-47 Rifles come in three variations (Type 1, Type 2, and the most common Type 3).  This original design was later upgraded to what we now see on the market, designated the AKM, or AK Modernized.  From there the AK's designation then refer's to the various configurations available, such as, short barrel, side-folding or under-folding stocks, and caliber).

  • Izhmash IZ109 Saiga 12 Shotgun (12-gauge)

  • GSG AK22 Rifle (.22lr)

  • Molot VEPR Rifle (7.62x54r)

  • Izhmash IZ132 Saiga Rifle (7.62x39)

  • Zastava M70 O-PAP Rifle (7.62x39)

  • Cugir WASR 10-63 Rifle (7.62x39)

  • Cugir TGI FPK Dragunov Rifle (7.62x54r)

  • Cugir CAI PSL-54c Rifle (7.62x54r)

  • Cugir WASR 10 Cutaway Rifle (non-functioning 7.62x39)

  • Norinco (386) Milled MAK-90 Rifle (7.62x39)

  • Arsenal SLR-106FR Rifle (.223/5.56 Nato)

  • Arsenal SLR-107FR Rifle (7.62x39)

  • Arsenal Milled SLR-101S Rifle (7.62x39)

  • FEG SA 2000M / AMD-65 Rifle (7.62x39)

  • Cugir Mini Draco Pistol (7.62x39)

  • Cugir Draco-c Pistol (7.62x39)

  • Cugir Micro Draco (7.62x39)

  • Arsenal SLR-106UR / SLR106-58 Pistol (.223/5.56 Nato)