Rapid Fire Slow Motion: Mini Draco AK Pistol!

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

At the range with the Romanian Cugir Mini Draco AK Pistol in 7.62x39. Testing out recording in 4K Ultra HD as well as Slow Motion at 240 fps in 1080p. The Mini Draco has a 7.75" barrel, overall length of 17.5", and is 5.6 lbs.

The Mini Draco is smaller than the full-size Draco, but larger than the Micro Draco ak pistol. It has a good balance of size, comfort, accuracy, and recoil management. Personally I believe it is also the best candidate for turning into a short barreled rifle (SBR).

As you can see in the slo-mo footage, even though we are doing mag dumps, we still have very good control over the recoil and muzzle climb/flip of this very small 7.62x39 pistol. For the amount of muzzle flash it puts out, its not difficult to control or handle even during rapid fire.

I used a clear Bulgarian Magazine ak magazine, which if you watch closely, shows the magazine follower moving up as each round is fed into the pistol. Kind of an interesting view of the follower movement and how it times with the rest of the action.

Stay tuned for more 4K Ultra High Definition and 240 fps Slow Motion range footage coming soon! PLAYLIST on Draco-c, Mini Draco, & Micro Draco AK Pistols: https://goo.gl/ZZnlxW