Reviewing the Ardwolf GS51 Portable Pistol Safe!

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Overview of the Ardwolf GS51 Portable Handgun Safe with combination lock. It comes with a black finish and has a 3-digit combination wheel lock that can easily be changed from the inside by moving a two-position lever.

The smaller size of this gun safe make it easily concealable under vehicle seat's or in the trunk, and can even be mounted to a surface with bolts and the provided mounting holes in the bottom of the safe. Additionally it comes with a security cable to attach it to any secured place within a vehicle.

Check out the Ardwolf GS51 Safe Here:

Once the correct three digit combination is entered (comes default with 000 as the security pin), a twist of the black knob easily gives access to the safe contents.

Although not something which should be relied on as a theft deterrent, it does secure firearms, valuables, or even medications away from criminals of opportunity or young children. The contents of the quick access safe is protected by a layer of foam on both the top and bottom of the safes interior, additionally securing the items in place as not to move around during transit.