Web Exclusive: Slow Motion Micro Draco AK Pistol with AK Flash Enhancer!

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

IntoWeapons website exclusive Slo-Mo video of the Romanian Cugir Micro Draco AK Pistol in 7.62x39, imported by Century Arms, and sporting a muzzle brake by Snake Hound Machine, the AK Loudener/AK Flash Enhancer. This unedited and uncut video is recorded in slow motion at 240 frames per second, and the muzzle flash caught by the camera is fairly impressive!

If you are looking to have your own AK Flash Enhancer, check out this one: https://goo.gl/6NO1Sv

If you are a fan of muzzle flash, check out the below free HD Wallpapers from IntoWeapons on the Micro Draco AK-47 Pistol's fireball! Save the images to your PC, and enjoy one of them as your computer background wallpaper, or have all of them as a slideshow background for a cool transition effect between shots!

You can access individual images for download to your PC or mobile phone, as well as the entire series of HD wallpapers in a free zip file here: http://bit.ly/MicroDracoPCWallpaperSeries

Don't forget to check out the official IntoWeapons YouTube version of this AK Pistol in action below.

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