AMD-65 Range Time | Slo Mo Muzzle Flash

Updated: Jun 4

Shooting the Hungarian FEG AMD-65 side-folder AK-47 at the gun range. Capturing some nice slow motion muzzle flash while we do some function testing.

After having some malfunctions last time, we are back at the range after replacing the original ak hammer spring with an ALG Defense high energy main spring. The original spring was pretty worn and jumping the rail after every shot causing the rifle to malfunction. After replacing with the new spring, the amd65 ran without any issues.

This AMD-65 was assembled by TGI with the designation SA 2000M. It's a fairly rare ak47, sporting a Hungarian FEG receiver and shortened chrome-lined barrel. Due to the short barrel, it has a pin and welded two-piece muzzle brake which is notorious for being loud and having a large muzzle flash with a distinctive signature.

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AMD-65 AK-47 rifle muzzle flash slow motion sequence.
AMD-65 Muzzle Flash Sequence

Overall and excellent 7.62x39 ak rifle with a lightweight and compact design. This AKM variant was designed for the paratrooper and armored infantry units of the Hungarian Defense Forces. The military version is nearly identical to this rifle, minus the long muzzle break which is attached to meet regulations in the U.S. The original barrel is only 12.5 inches long, with a total overall length of 34.5 inches long with the stock extended.

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