How To Build a Ground Level Deck in One Day!

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Want to build your own ground level deck in one day? Check out our time-lapse video on how we built a ground level deck on a budget in our backyard. This is an easy DIY deck, also known as a Floating Deck. For a deck this size, it's an easy weekend project, but can be finished in one day with enough people helping out.

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To start the deck build project, you must first decide what area your deck will be built in, as well as:

  • Deck size

  • Deck shape

  • Deck color

  • Type of decking material

  • How it will attach to the house (if at all)

  • What the foundation will be made of (ground spikes, patio blocks, landscaping bricks)

  • If an underlining material or a filler material like gravel will be used

Once the planning phase has been completed, check your local hardware store, like Home Depot or Lowe's for assistance with final deck design, as well as a materials list for the entire build. Most home improvement stores will have a kiosk where you can plan, customize, and get a schematic with materials list without much effort.