How To Build a Ground Level Deck in One Day!

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Want to build your own ground level deck in one day? Check out our time-lapse video on how we built a ground level deck on a budget in our backyard. This is an easy DIY deck, also known as a Floating Deck. For a deck this size, it's an easy weekend project, but can be finished in one day with enough people helping out.

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To start the deck build project, you must first decide what area your deck will be built in, as well as:

  • Deck size

  • Deck shape

  • Deck color

  • Type of decking material

  • How it will attach to the house (if at all)

  • What the foundation will be made of (ground spikes, patio blocks, landscaping bricks)

  • If an underlining material or a filler material like gravel will be used

Once the planning phase has been completed, check your local hardware store, like Home Depot or Lowe's for assistance with final deck design, as well as a materials list for the entire build. Most home improvement stores will have a kiosk where you can plan, customize, and get a schematic with materials list without much effort.

The video time-lapse demonstrates the steps needed from building the basic frame from 2x6 treated framing boards on strategically placed patio blocks for leveling. We also show bracing the main frame on the inside, laying the gravel in a grade away from the house for water, as well as preventing under-growth from coming up. Finally we show laying down your deck planking, made from wood or composite. This is the most time consuming part of the process, and most tedious, as each board needs to be carefully spaced. They also need to be screwed down in numerous spots along the length, and then cut to length, matching the other deck planks.

Having reliable power tools will make this project quicker and easier. Must Have's are a large level, a corded power drill, a reliable circular saw, as well as good building materials. These include long-lasting deck screws, and follow-up deck treatment products, such as a good wood deck cleaner, and sealing deck protector. Check out the below list on the best selling tools for the job.

Once the build is complete, utilize the space with common deck accessories. This could include a good water-proof patio set, an above-ground fire pit, quality grill or barbecue, as well as privacy screen fences. And using waterproof LED Light Strips can create relaxing ambiance or a fun party environment!

If you have an existing flat and dry surface, and want a simpler way of providing the finished look to your outdoor (or indoor) space, check out alternative all-natural wood inter-locking tiles. The diy wood tiles come in various colors, designs, and weather resistance. They are budget friendly, look amazing when installed correctly, and provide a similar feeling to the deck in or outside! At a fraction of the cost to a traditional deck, having fast and simple installation, they are an option which should be considered when planning any deck build.

Watch the 2-year follow-up video below on our deck building project and see how well it's lasted.

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