PSA AR-9mm Shockwave Pistol at the Range

Updated: Feb 26

Review of the Palmetto State Armory PG-9 9mm AR pistol with Shockwave stabilizing brace. The newer version of this pistol is model PSA PA-9, with a few minor differences. A versatile pistol that's easy to control and is fairly accurate considering the 4 inch barrel length. Using standard Glock magazines, it performed flawlessly for us.

Check out the PA-9 Shockwave Pistol from Palmetto Armory here:

The aluminum forend covers the 4 inch barrel and has accessory attach points using the popular M-LOK MOE system. The Shockwave stabilizing brace not only provides additional support when firing, it also balances the pistol well. The standard picatinny rail along the top of the pistol provides ample room for mounting of iron sights or optics of choice. I personally like that it accepts standard Glock magazines, including the 33-round extended mags.

Video Review of the PSA PG-9 Shockwave Pistol:

Overall a compact lightweight package that is easy to handle and performs without fail. An excellent choice for home defense, as well as target practice at the range with the reasonably priced 9mm ammo. Currently priced on sale for around $550, its normal MSRP is $760. Not a bad price for a functional pistol that is fun to shoot!

IntoWeapons 11/24/18




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