Palmetto PSAK-47 GB2 Rifle

Palmetto State Armory PSAK-47 Liberty GB2 Classic Red 7.62x39 Rifle

Palmetto State Armory PSAK-47 Liberty GB2 Classic Red Rifle

Review and Shooting of the Palmetto PSAK-47 Rifle

Review of the Palmetto State Armory Gen II PSAK-47 GB2 with wood stock, handguards, and pistol grip finished in Classic Red.  This US Made rifle is chambered in 7.62x39, has all of the desired features out of box, and comes to market at a very budget-friendly price.  I do a quick unboxing, point out some of the notable features on this ak variant, then take it to the range for some testing.

Check out the PSAK-47 from Palmetto here:

When the PSA AK-47 showed up at my FFL and I first pulled it out of the box, I thought it was one of the better looking AK’s I've ever unboxed.  Rivaling even the many Bulgarian Arsenal AKs I have reviewed.  The classic red wood finish was the perfect pitch to compliment the valued Russian Red, yet be a shade of its own at the same time.  The dark satin look of the smooth nitride finish was evenly applied and in pristine condition.  As I shook the rifle to check for rattles, I was pleased to hear absolutely nothing at all. Overall some of the best fit and finish I have seen on any US made or import ak before.

PSAK47 Gen II model or Liberty GB2 rifle, comes with a billet steel barrel block (front trunnion) and bolt, for better durability and longevity (compared to more common cast parts).  It includes many of the desired ak rifle features most others lack, such as, threaded muzzle for standard ak brakes with pitch 14x1 LH, intact bayonet lug, cleaning rod (if not blem model), standard sized ak furniture, finished bolt and carrier, side rail scope mount, decent trigger, sling mounts, and straight sights!

The barrel is not chrome-lined, but is US made from 4150 steel that is nitride finished.  Although still somewhat debated, it is widely believed the nitride finish provides inherently better accuracy compared to chrome-lining.  Some argue chrome-lining will outlast nitride finish, especially at high temps.  I look at it as an even middle ground between an uncoated steel barrel and a chrome-lined barrel.

The receiver is stamped from a lightweight 1.0mm thick piece of metal.  The trunnion and other reinforcements in the receiver are solid, uniform, and look more durable than most.  I even noticed the dust cover had additional rib reinforcements along the sides, which I hadn’t seen before in other models.  The feed ramp and chamber were perfectly aligned, was fully finished, and looked of good design.  Expecting to find a standard G2 Trigger trigger, I found a non-marked double hook trigger in its place.  Upon use I found it to be slightly better than a G2 with a consistent pull of apx 3.5 lbs, with a audible reset and fairly easy to find break.

At 50 yards using my 3-9x44 riflescope, my first three rounds touched each other just inches from the target’s center (needed optic adjustment).  Clearly it has amazing accuracy potential.  Although the groups opened up slightly at 100 yds (I blame my old eyes), it still proved to be one of the more accurate ak rifles I have owned or shot.  The iron sights provided excellent groups as well, but more importantly, looked and felt familiar to traditional mil-spec ak iron sights.

After a few hundred rounds, the rifle still has no malfunctions, accuracy is consistent, nothing has come loose or rattles, the ejection of rounds is predictable and user friendly, the trigger is predictable, and the finish on the metal parts still looks brand new.

Overall a fantastic buy and a design win for Palmetto State Armory in my opinion.  I’m looking forward to more news on the upcoming 9mm ak variant, as recent releases has shown it to have some very attractive features as well!


July 2018

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